Division/Section Awards

Career Achievement Award

This award is made in recognition of career achievement in the field of volcanology and/or igneous petrology. Candidates are judged on their lifetime scientific contribution.

Division/Section Awards

Leopold Gelinas Medal

The Léopold Gélinas presents annually three medals for the most outstanding theses, written by Canadians or submitted to Canadian universities, which comprise material at least 50% related to volcanology and igneous petrology.

Division/Section Awards

J. Ross Mackay Award

The J. Ross Mackay Award, presented annually by the Canadian Geomorphology Research Group, in recognition of a significant achievement by a young geomorphologist within Canada.

Division/Section Awards

Olav Slaymaker Awards

The Olav Slaymaker Awards are presented for the best student oral paper and best student poster presented at the CGRG Annual Meeting.

Division/Section Awards

Middleton Medal

The Middleton Medal for Sedimentology is named in honor of Gerard V. Middleton and recognizes either an outstanding long-term contribution or a seminal contribution to any aspect of sedimentology by a Canadian or a sedimentology researcher working in Canada. This is a biannual award.

Division/Section Awards

The Geophysics Division Student Award

This is an annual award by the Geophysics Division for “outstanding student presentation on a geophysical topic” at the GAC®-MAC annual meeting.

Division/Section Awards

Michael J. Keen Medal

The Michael J. Keen Medal is normally awarded annually by the Marine Geosciences Division of the Geological Association of Canada to a scientist who has made a significant contribution to the field of marine or lacustrine geoscience. Recipients may be a Canadian or a non-Canadian who has made a contribution in Canada or with a distinctively Canadian flavor.

Division/Section Awards

Duncan R. Derry Medal

This medal is the highest award bestowed by the MDD. It is awarded annually to an outstanding economic geologist who has made significant contributions to his / her field in Canada.

Division/Section Awards

William Harvey Gross Award

This medal is bestowed annually by the MDD to a geoscientist less than 40 years of age who has made a significant contribution to the field of economic geology in a Canadian context.

Division/Section Awards

Julian Boldy Certificate Awards

The Julian Boldy Certificate Awards for the most significant and creative papers presented at the Mineral Deposits Division session at the annual meeting of the GAC/MAC.

Division/Section Awards

Elkanah Billings Medal

The Billings Medal, is awarded to an individual in recognition of an outstanding long-term contribution to any aspect of Canadian paleontology or by a Canadian to paleontology. The Billings Medal is named in honor of Elkanah Billings, Canada’s first paleontologist. Presented in odd-numbered years.

Division/Section Awards

Pikaia Award

The Pikaia Award is awarded in recognition of a recent contribution to research on any aspect of Canadian paleontology, or by a Canadian to paleontology that is judged to constitute an outstanding accomplishment in the field. Presented in even-numbered years.

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