The Objects of the Association include:

  • to promote the science of geology and closely related fields of study and to promote the knowledge of the members in connection there with;
  • to hold conferences, meetings and exhibitions for the discussion of geological problems and the exchange of views in matters related to geology;
  • to publish various journals and collections of learned papers dealing with geology.


To facilitate the scientific well-being and professional development of its members, the learned discussion of geoscience in Canada, and the advancement, dissemination and wise use of geoscience in public, professional and academic life.


To represent a geoscience community, which is knowledgeable, professionally competent and respected, whose input and advice are relevant, widely sought and utilized, and whose vital contribution to the economic prosperity and social wellbeing of the nation is widely acknowledged.

GAC® … Recognizes Excellence

Professional Awards

Student Support

  • awards 32 undergraduate earth science students with a one-year free membership and a $50 gift certificate for the GAC Bookstore
  • awards grants to 3 annual student conferences
  • awards student chapter grants to participating universities/colleges
  • appoints a GAC “campus representative” in each of 32 Canadian universities

GAC® … Promotes Life-Long Learning

  • publishes books and journals
  • provides continuing education opportunities at GAC-MAC conferences and at other GAC-sponsored activities
  • sponsors the annual national Howard Street Robinson Lecture
  • sponsors the annual national Hutchison Medal Lecture Tour

GAC® … Maintains relationships

  • through memberships in the Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences (CFES)
  • by supporting the Canadian Geological Foundation (CGF)
  • by appointing a representative to the Partnership Group for Science & Engineering (PAGSE)
  • by appointing a representative to the North American Commission on Stratigraphic Nomenclature (NASCN)

History of the Association

On February 14th, 1947, a group of geologists met at the Engineers’ Club in Toronto with the objective of creating the Geological Institute of Canada, an association of geologists which would, among other things, promote, discuss and disseminate geological knowledge. A second meeting on March 11th, 1947, resulted in a preliminary Constitution and Bylaws as well as the election of the first Councillors, a change of name to the Geological Association of Canada and 140 charter members. From the outset, the Association was designed to fill a role similar to that of the Geological Society of America, bridging a gap between the perceived industrial mineral orientation of the Geological Division of the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, and the purely scientific objectives of Section IV of the Royal Society of Canada.

Membership in the GAC® has expanded from a predominantly mineral-oriented, Toronto-based group to a truly national body with representatives in three territories and all provinces, with a reasonable membership in the United States, Europe and in other parts of the world.

GAC®’s Fair Dealing/Fair Use policy

Permission to use a single figure or table from any one manuscript published by GAC (including those appearing in a Special Paper, Short Course Notes volume, GeoText, Geolog issue, Geoscience Canada issue and Geoscience Canada Reprint Series volume, and – through agreement with their joint publishers – Paleontographica Canadiana, Paleontology Division, and Mineral Deposits Division publications) is considered ‘fair dealing’ under the Canadian Copyright Act and ‘fair use’ by GAC, and no other permission need be granted, subject to the image being appropriately cited in all reproductions. The same fair dealing/fair use policy applies to sections of text up to 100 words in length.

Publishers requiring written permission should be advised that charges may apply. When seeking permission for reuse, it is your responsibility to determine whether credit to a third party was published with the item you wish to reuse.


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