The Hutchison Lecture Tour is undertaken each year by the winner of the Hutchison Medal. The lecture tour typically consists of several multi-day trips to different parts of Canada where a number of lectures are given at university, government, and geological society venues. The Hutchison Lecture Tour is supported by the Canadian Geological Foundation’s Hutchison Fund.

Dates for the 2020-21 Hutchison Lecture Tour will be announced in the Fall/Winter.

2020 W.W. Hutchison Medalist

Dr. Shahin Dashtgard (Simon Fraser University)

After receiving BSc Honours (University of Alberta, 1998), Shahin worked for three years as a Professional Geologist in Alberta. Following the completion of his PhD (University of Alberta, 2006), Dr.
Dashtgard worked with the Alberta Geological Society and then he accepted a position at Simon Fraser University. In the 11 years since receiving his PhD, Dr. Dashtgard has amassed an amazing record of published research and student training, including having published 55 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters, trained 25 graduate students, and trained many undergraduate students and industry professionals. Shahin’s research is field-based, uses complimentary sedimentological datasets, such as ichnology and palynology, and has made significant contributions to our understanding in a wide range of areas, including: (1) The integration of ichnology and palynology towards interpreting and understanding fluvio-tidal settings in the rock record. This work has focused on actualistic studies on the Fraser River and the application of that dataset to the rock record; (2) The recognition of tidal shorefaces in the rock record, a body of work that established sedimentological and classification criteria that could be used to determine tidal ranges on clastic shorefaces; and, (3) Applications of neoichnology, for which Shahin has produced papers using modern trace distributions to interpret trace fossils in the rock record, including the influence of grain size on the preservation of bioturbation, distribution of bioturbation related to the organic matter concentration, and various invertebrate responses to wave energy. Dr. Dashtgard’s achievements have been previously recognized with the James E. Wilson Award (Excellence in Young Researchers) from the Society for Sedimentary Geology and as a CSPG Distinguished Lecturer. In addition to his excellent research, Dr. Dashtgard teaches numerous courses at the undergraduate and graduate level, and is serving in a range of capacities on university and conference committees.