Dave Elliott Best Paper Prize

Dave Elliott Best Paper Prize

2021 Winner

Duvall, M.J., Waldron, J.W.F., Godin, L., Najman, Y., 2020.  Active strike-slip faults and an outer frontal thrust in the Himalayan foreland basin.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 117, 17615-17621.

“This study by Duvall et al. is a short, well written, and well-illustrated paper with very high potential impact. Based on previously unpublished seismic data from the Ganges Basin, the authors argue for the presence of several strike-slip faults and a blind thrust fault, all with relatively small displacements, but with huge implications for seismic hazard assessment in the Himalayan foreland region. The work also has major implications for thrust belt kinematics in general, particularly in how thrust salients develop, and how thrust faults propagate into their neighbouring foreland regions”.  The paper can be found here: https://doi.org/10.1029/2019GL082406

2021 Honourable Mentions

Mottram, C.M., Kellett, D.A., Barresi, T., Zwingmann, H., Friend, M., Todd, A., Percival, J.B., 2020. Syncing fault rock clocks: Direct comparison of U-Pb carbonate and K-Ar illite fault dating methods. Geology 48, 1179-1183. https://doi.org/10.1130/G46701

Grujic, D., Ashley, K.T., Coble, M.A., Coutand, I., Kellett, D.A., Larson, K.P., Whipp Jr., D.M., Gao, M., Whynot, N., 2020.  Deformation temperatures across the Lesser Himalayan Sequence in Eastern Bhutan and their implications for the deformation history of the Main Central Thrust. Tectonics 39. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.epsl.2019.04.033


The award is given by the Canadian Tectonics Group to recognize papers written by authors based in Canada or dealing with Canadian topics and with a publication date in the previous calendar year.  Priority will be given to peer-reviewed publications. Submissions from the membership are also welcome and should include a PDF file of the paper format. Submissions by authors will also be considered. We will appoint a small committee of individuals not involved with any of the shortlisted papers to review the shortlisted papers and select a winner.


These submissions should be sent before March 15, to Dawn Kellett (CTG Chair): dawn.kellett@canada.ca