9. Professional Affairs.
8. Andrew Hynes Series: Tectonic Processes
7. Igneous Rock Associations series
6. Harold Williams Series – a memorial series dedicated to the life and geological career of Harold (Hank) Williams
5. Paul F. Hoffman Series – a series honoring the work and influence of Dr. Paul F. Hoffman
4. Canada GEESE – a series devoted to Geospatial Earth and Environmental Science Explorations.
3. C. Miall and A. Miall: Canada-Wide Survey of Earth Scientists (Issues in Canadian Geoscience), from Geoscience Canada’s Volume 35 Number 1 (2008)
2. Climate Change articles:
a) An article published in Geoscience Canada in March 2005 (Celestial Climate Driver: A Perspective from Four Billion Years of the Carbon Cycle, by Jan Veizer) has generated a lot of debate on the causes of climate change.
b) An earlier article, published in September 2003 (The Science of Climate Change, by Andrew Weaver) is also being made available to provide more information on climate change and the latest results (to 2003) of climate modelling studies.
1. In Geoscience Canada Volume 32 Numbers 1 and 2: see Igneous Rock Associations series.