GAC-PDAC Logan Student Prize

GAC-PDAC Logan Student Prize

The GAC-PDAC Logan Student Prize supports the career and academic advancement of geoscience students.

2022 GAC-PDAC Logan Student Prize Recipients

Congratulations to all the 2022 Prize winners!

Mitch Maracle (Acadia University)

Cole Bohonas (Brandon University)

Josh Labrie (Brock University)

Lauren MacLellan (Carleton University)

Nina Buchanan (Lakehead University)

Cassandra Ranger (Laurentian University)

Danielle Richard (McGill University)

Jonathan Spence (McMaster University)

Jeremy Ollerhead (Memorial University)

Josh Jackman (St. Mary’s University)

Remi Latouche (Université Laval)

Jarod Rideout (The University of British Columbia – Vancouver)

M. Haidar Putra (University of Calgary)

Toria Rankin-Friesen (University of Manitoba)

Martina Boddy (University of Ottawa)

Morgan Dunham (University of Saskatchewan)

Alex Copeland (University of Toronto)

William Moulton (University of Victoria)

Leah David-Purcell (University of Western Ontario)

Rose Simard (University of Windsor)

Justin Kreft (Yukon University)


The Prize is awarded annually to one undergraduate student at each CCCESD-member department (~32 departments). The Prize consists of a monetary award, one-year memberships in both GAC and PDAC, and an electronic certificate.

All CCCESD member departments will receive the Prize Package and it is up to each department to award the prize and report to GAC Headquarters ( the successful candidate’s name and contact information, as well as a brief biography. That information will be used to promote the program as well as the winners.


Criteria for the prize

The intent is that undergraduate students who are selected for this prize should be academically sound, have good leadership skills (e.g. as they pertain to organizing field trips, geology club geo-events, etc.), and have done well at field school or otherwise show proficiency in field techniques. A student in his/her final  (i.e. graduation) year is preferred.

Selection of the student

Students should be given the opportunity to nominate fellow undergraduate candidates for the award, but that faculty ultimately choose the winner from among those nominated. The GAC Councillor charged as Campus Liaison Coordinator will be in charge of reminding departments of the award and ensuring that a student is selected annually.

Deadline for submission of the selected student’s name and a short biography to GAC Headquarters: January 11.

Past Prize Winners


Hailey Berry (Brandon University), Kaitlyn de Moree van Lierde (Carleton University), Charlotte Alexander (University of Western Ontario), Tania Chatila-Amos (Université du Québec à Montréal), Heather Clarke (University of Victoria), Ragi Ramesh (Lakehead University), Jade Lockie (Laurentian University), Nathan Carter (Acadia University), Chenille Callender (St. Mary’s University), Jasmine Lamoureux (UBC – Okanagan), Shaelyn Clark (Vancouver Island University), Christina Bakowsky (University of Ottawa), Jessica Patterson (University of Toronto), Kaitlin Lindblad (University of Regina), Vivien Yin (University of Windsor), Bailey Sutcliffe (Thompson Rivers University), Hannah Robutka (University of Calgary), Kale Wood (University of Saskatchewan), Émilie Saucier (McGill University), Alexander MacLaren (University of British Columbia), Léo Champagne (Mount Royal University), Thomas Ruel (Université Laval), and Phillip Wright (University of Waterloo)


Brad Parkinson (UBC – Okanagan), Liam Maw (U of Ottawa), Laurence Guyot-Messier (Université du Québec à Montréal), Sabrina Chan (Carleton University), Claudia Perreault (Université Laval), Rebecca Kupchinski (University of Saskatchewan), Jugraj Singh (Simon Fraser University), Michael Tamosauskas (Acadia University), Magdalena Kapron (Western University), Daniel Ferguson (University of Regina), Alex Bugden (Memorial University), Dylan Spence (UBC), Joy Carter (University of Toronto), Cole Narfason (University of Calgary), Emily MacMillan (Mount Royal University), Kaitlin Jaap (Thompson Rivers University), Emily Browne (University of Windsor), Knut Lokken (Vancouver Island University), Brandi Kocay (University of Victoria), Martin Levasseur (Laurentian University), Jenna Randazzo (McGill University), and Bailey Milos (Dalhousie University)