We would like to invite you to join us for a virtual Celebration of Canadian Geoscience! This event will take place over several days from May 10-22, 2021, and will showcase present and past medalists, our Sections, Divisions, and partner organizations. We will celebrate the Canadian Geoscience community at a time when we cannot yet gather together at our traditional events. All members are invited to attend as many of the talks as they wish at no cost!

All events will be scheduled between 2:30 to 4:30 pm ET, will be approximately an hour long, and will be hosted on Zoom. Zoom details for all events will be sent out to members during the first week of May.


May 10th: Talk by the 2021 GAC Hutchison Medal winner, Dr. Vincent van Hinsberg

May 11th: Talk by the 2020 Paleontology Division’s Pikaia Award winner, Dr. Matthew Clapham

May 12th: Talk by Mineral Deposits Division Derry Medal winner

May 13th: Talk by the 2021 Volcanology and Igneous Petrology Division’s Career Achievement Award winner, Dr. Brendan Murphy

May 14th: Presentation of the 2021 National GAC medalists (Logan, Ambrose, Neale, and Hutchison medals) and a retirement celebration for the one and only Eleanor Penney who we will miss dearly!

May 17th: Talk by the 2021 GAC Logan medalist, Dr. Kurt Konhauser

May 18th: Talk by the 2021 CTG Dave Elliott Best Paper Award winners, Mike Duvall, John Waldron, Laurent Godin, and Yani Najman 

May 19th: GAC Annual Business Meeting for all members, 3pm EDT

May 20th: Talk by the 2019 Gesner Medal winner from the Atlantic Geoscience Society, Dr. Damian Nance

May 21st: Talk by the 2020 Precambrian Division Howard Street Robinson Medalist, Dr. Elizabeth Turner

May 21st: Interactive Student Writing Workshop lead by Dr. Jacob Hanley