GAC is proud to announce the winners of it’s national awards.


The Logan Medal – Dr. Cees van Staal (Geological Survey of Canada)

“For achieving unprecedented resolution in orogenic analysis, through integrated structural, stratigraphic and metamorphic geology; mafic and felsic rock geochemistry; high-precision geochronology; seismic sounding; and comparison with active Circum-Pacific tectonics, as applied to the Canadian Appalachian orogen and its extensions.”


The J. Willis Ambrose Medal – Dr. Carolyn (‘Lyn) Anglin (Imperial Metals Corporation)

“For her outstanding contributions to the scientific management of public- and private-sector geoscientific research and development, and for her long-term volunteer contributions to Canadian geoscientific organizations, including the Geological Association of Canada.”


The W.W. Hutchison Medal – Dr. Brian Kendall (University of Waterloo)

“For the application of unconventional geochemical and isotopic techniques to address questions related to interactions between atmospheric, oceanic, and biological systems; geochronology; and the geochemical evolution of Earth from the Proterozoic to Cenozoic.”


The E.R. Ward Neale Medal – Beth McLarty-Halfkenny (Carleton University)

“For her continued outstanding efforts to communicate and explain geoscience topics through professional development workshops for teachers, educating students in elementary and secondary schools, and organizing and promoting outreach events for the public.”


The Eric Mountjoy Exchange Award – Katie Maloney (University of Toronto, Mississauga)

“Will be visiting McGill University to analyze redox-sensitive trace elements in shale samples from the Wernecke Mountains to better constrain paleo-ocean oxygenation conditions during deposition, which will inform the habitability of such environments for early eukaryotic life in the Tonian.”


The Mary-Claire Ward Geoscience Award – Andrew Steiner (University of British Columbia)

“For his M.Sc. research, which aims to map auriferous fluid pathways, identify the salient geological controls on fluid flow, and assess the physiochemical evolution of ore fluids in the Carlin-type gold deposits of the Nadaleen trend, Yukon.”


Distinguished Volunteer Award – Dr. John Thompson and Anne Thompson


Certificates of Appreciation – members of the 2018 Resources for Future Generations LOC

Catherine Hickson, David Corrigan, Deanne van Rooyen, Elizabeth Stock, James, Graham Young, and Dan Gibson.


50-Year Members

Anthony T. L’Orsa (Smithers, BC)

Murray A. Roed (Kelowna, BC)

Walfried M. Schwerdtner (Scarborough, ON)

Michael J. Skopos (Orangeville, CA, USA)