Logan Medal

Logan Medal

The highest award of the Geological Association of Canada is presented to an individual for sustained distinguished achievement in Canadian earth science.

2021 Logan Medalist

Dr. Kurt Konhauser (University of Alberta)

“For his substantial contributions to our knowledge of Geobiology (i.e. integrated microbiology and sedimentary geology research), which has placed Canada at the forefront of Geobiology research and learning.”


The deadline for National Medal nomination forms is November 30th.


Previous Award Winners

2020       Margot McMechan

2019       Cees van Staal

2018       Barbara Sherwood Lollar

2017       Roy Hyndman

2016       Brian Jones

2015       Richard Grieve

2014       Andrew Miall

2013       George Pemberton

2012       Robert Kerrich

2011       Anthony E. Williams-Jones

2010       Christopher Barnes

2009       Noel James

2008       James M. Franklin

2007       John Clague

2006       Claude Hillaire-Marcel

2005       Ron M. Clowes

2004       Stewart Blusson

2003       Fred Longstaffe

2002       James Monger

2001       S.E. Calvert

2000       H. Gabrielse

1999       R. G. Walker

1998       D.F. Sangster