Jerome H. Remick III Poster Awards

Jerome H. Remick III Poster Awards

Our Jerome H. Remick III Poster Competition took place at GeoConvention 2020. We had a very large number of student posters this year and needed a record 13 judges from 12 different institutions from all over Canada to take part in the judging. The posters represented a huge variety of subjects, and as always it was wonderful to see the high-quality student work being done everywhere. Since we had participants from so many different societies we wanted to reflect the breadth of participation in the poster presentations, therefore, we are awarding eight Honourable Mention awards along with the first three prizes instead of our usual five.

Congratulations to all our award winners and all the students who presented at GeoConvention 2020!

2020 Remick Student Poster Competition winners:

First prize

Kade Damant, Eva Enkelmann, William Matthews, and Kelley Fraser
University of Calgary 

Bedrock exhumation across the Columbia River Fault near Revelstoke, BC 

Second prize 

Kareem Ramzy Aboayanah¹, Yunkun Wang¹, Evangeline Eldridge², Ryan Dormer², and Bernhard Mayer² 
University of Toronto¹, University of Calgary²

Geomechanical assessment of potential gas leak pathways: a numerical modeling study on caprock integrity of natural gas storage site

Third prize 

Patricia Fraino and Bill Arnott
University of Ottawa

Does One Model Fit All? Exploring Factors that Influence the Stratigraphic Evolution of a Deep-Water Channel-Levee Complex System 


Honourable Mentions (alphabetical order) 

Alexander Ani and Dave Keighley
University of New Brunswick  

Diagenetic sequestration of trace and toxic elements in phosphatic oil shale precursor, from the Green River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah


Chantel Biegler, Peter Dunfield, and Angela Smirnova
University of Calgary

The Ecology of the Phototrophic Community over Time in Base Mine Lake


Tianna Groeneveld and Erin Walton
MacEwan University

Insights into the Post-Impact Hydrothermal System at the Chicxulub Impact Structure, Mexico


Glenn Hall, Anton Skorobogatov, Angus Chu, Edwin Cey, and Jennifer He
University of Calgary

Determining the recharge potential of a Low Impact Development system under seasonally frozen conditions 


Cedar Hanneson and Martyn Unsworth
University of Alberta 

Magnetotelluric exploration in the southeastern Canadian Cordillera: Regional-scale crustal structures associated with geothermal systems  


Nicole Harris¹, Hilary Corlett¹, Murray Gingras², David Hoch², Hazel Vallack³, and Fiona Whitaker³
MacEwan University¹, University of Alberta², University of Bristol³ 

Characterization of bioturbation and biota and in a modern inner ramp setting, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Tatiana Mijajlovic, Xie Xue, and Erin Walton
MacEwan University

A Revised Shock History for the Youngest Unbrecciated Lunar Basalt – Northwest Africa 032


Louise Rush, Daniel Kontak, Ross Sherlock, and Shawna White
Laurentian University      

Constraining potential metal zonation trends and origin of the enigmatic Ag-Ni-Co-As-Bi mineralization of Cobalt, Ontario