AQUEST (Quebec)

AQUEST (Quebec)

A certificate of excellence, the AQUEST Award, was rapidly introduced to recognise the quality of university geoscientific research done in Quebec and help facilitate exchanges between graduate students and industry. This award is also used by AQUEST to get involved in promoting different activities in partnership with other organizations.

Award Description

The Association québécoise des Sciences de la Terre (AQUEST) Award is a framed certificate of excellence, signed by the President and another Officer, and is presented to a graduate student, for the high quality of its presentation, immediately after a formal conference session sponsored by AQUEST.


By introducing this award, AQUEST seeks to encourage students to diffuse their scientific results during formal geosciences meetings. This award is also a way to support regional annual conferences where students from all geosciences disciplines contribute to the advance of science.  The winners who plan to go ahead with graduate studies will also find this award an additional positive element to highlight their resume.


When AQUEST will sponsor a special session at conferences, it will constitute an independent jury to rank each conference and identify a winner. A member of the Executive Committee will always be on site to present the AQUEST Award. AQUEST will also look for a corporate sponsor willing to grant a scholarship to the award winner. A corporate representative will then be invited to the award ceremony to give this grant.