Mary-Claire Ward Geoscience Award

Mary-Claire Ward Geoscience Award

The Mary-Claire Ward Geoscience Award is awarded annually to a graduate student at a Canadian university whose thesis incorporates geoscience mapping as a significant component.


2019 Mary-Claire Ward Geoscience Award

Andrew Steiner (University of British Columbia)

 “For his M.Sc. research, which aims to map auriferous fluid pathways, identify the salient geological controls on fluid flow, and assess the physiochemical evolution of ore fluids in the Carlin-type gold deposits of the Nadaleen trend, Yukon.”


Previous Award Winners

2018: Eric Thiessen, Simon Fraser University

2017: Holly Steenkamp, Laval University

2016: Jordan McDivitt, Laurentian University

2015: Jesse Reimink, University of Alberta

2014: Diane Skipton, University of Ottawa

2013: Danielle Thomson, Carleton University

2012: Deanne van Rooyen, Carleton University

2011: Brett Hamilton, University of Calgary

2010: Joel Cubley, University of Calgary

2009: Elizabeth Westberg, Simon Fraser University

2008: Jean-François Ravenelle, Laval University

2007: Andrew Parmenter, University of New Brunswick

2006: Tony Barresi, Dalhousie University

2005: Michelle DeWolfe, Laurentian University