E.R. Ward Neale Medal

E.R. Ward Neale Medal

The Neale Medal, named after the legendary E.R. Ward Neale, is awarded to an individual for sustained outstanding efforts in sharing Earth science with Canadians.

The medal shall recognize outstanding efforts to communicate and explain geoscience to the public through one or more of the following vehicles: public lectures, print and electronic-media articles, school visits, elementary and secondary-school educational materials, field trips, science fairs, and other public communication devices. It also shall recognize exemplary records of promoting public-awareness of geoscience activities through the sustained encouragement of, and participation in, the creating, planning, organizing and implementing of such activities.

2023 E.R. Ward Neale Medal

Jeff Young (University of Manitoba)

“For his activities as a geoscience educator of more than 35 years, engaging people from pre-school children to seniors in various outreach activities designed to increase their knowledge and appreciation for Earth Sciences in general and geological resources in particular.”


Jeff Young is nominated for the E.R. Ward Neale Medal for his sustained outstanding efforts in geoscience education outreach. During his career as a Senior Instructor at University of Manitoba, Jeff has focussed his service work for the last 35 years on outreach, where he has become the mainstay in geological outreach in Winnipeg and across the province of Manitoba. His overall outreach goals are for people to appreciate our Earth and to foster awareness of the geosciences. He particularly extends efforts to engage with K-12 educators and students, to have them appreciate how geology impacts daily life, how geological processes shape the Earth, and the importance of geological resources. His enthusiastic personality and passion for geosciences connect Jeff easily with people from all backgrounds and ages, from young children to families to seniors. The variety of activities he undertakes is itself noteworthy: Jeff answers the call, making himself available and fostering enthusiasm in those with whom he interacts. Among his most noteworthy activities, Jeff delivers professional development workshops and creates geoscience activities for primary and secondary school teachers, with a focus on hands-on experiences and practical examples to educate them about the Earth and foster the delivery of science and particularly Earth Science to their students. Jeff directly engages and educates young students, ranging from activity-laden trips at the museum in the Department of Earth Sciences, to career track activities for “at-risk” high school students. He interacts with families at public events, identifying their rock and mineral samples, raising the profile of the geosciences, and discussing the viability of geoscience as a career choice with teens and their parents. Jeff initiates and fosters meaningful partnerships with educational institutions, government  agencies, private industry, philanthropic organizations, community groups, and professional  organizations with the goal of sharing Earth Sciences with the public. He is resourceful in delivering activities, looking for creative funding opportunities. He actively seeks opportunities to partner with platforms that educators, students, and the public recognize and use. Jeff is an engaging and enthusiastic geoscientist, who has spent his career communicating Earth Science to individuals of varied ages and backgrounds, and informing and educating generations of Canadian citizens about the Earth and its resources.


The deadline for National Medal nomination forms is January 5th, 2024


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